The Mindset: Awareness and Action Sponsorship Program will provide students with the opportunity to obtain Mindset: Awareness and Action through personal or corporate sponsorship.

About Book

Mindset is written to be a thought provoking commentary that promotes awareness to the perilous effects of the discussed social topics while promoting guidance and action for developing a healthy and enhanced mentality. Such topics include: society, peers, education, overcoming adversity and the power of imagination. This book will bring insight to the effects of a social mentality being adopted as part of a personal mindset.

About Author

Brian D. Barton is an emerging figure in the outreach arena. He is an author, motivational speaker, philanthropist and former Major League baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves. Brian is an accomplished traveler who lives by the motto “exposure eliminates mental enclosure.”


The Mindset: Awareness and Action Sponsorship Program is structured to give middle and high school students (or organization of choice) access to the book Mindset: Awareness and Action as a way to encourage reading, increase social awareness and provoke critical thinking. This program aims to tackle the problem of illiteracy alongside with developing strong healthy mentalities that will increase confidence, build esteem and cause for positive courses of action to be taking in their lives.

The Mindset: Awareness and Action sponsorship program will serve as a positive and effective complement to goal of developing strong minds and building leaders. Focusing on prevalent issues, Mindset opens up the conversation of how to address topics that these students encounter daily. The main focus will be the students of the middle school and high school programs.

How it works:

Books will be available for bulk purchases of specified amount through outside sponsorships that will be purchased directly through the publisher at a discounted rate of 5 dollars per book. Note: Orders of 100 books or more acheter du cialis en ligne will receive an additional 25 books free of charge.

Sponsors and author will designate and partner with school or organization to receive books as a gift.

Books will be shipped directly to school or organization (unless otherwise specified).

On behalf of sponsor, Brian D. Barton will facilitate speaking presentation or discussion/workshop that centers on Mindset: Awareness and Action free of charge. Additionally, with the relationships formed with schools, Barton will lend himself as a mentor to students.

Sponsorship Levels

Valedictorian- 1500+ books
Dean’s List- 1000 books
Principal’s List- 500 books
Honor Roll- 100 books

It is the goal to provide the student body of [school] with a copy of Mindset: Awareness and Action.

We are looking forward to distributing, through your sponsorship, books in order to fulfill the goal of gifting each student with a copy of Mindset.

For more information on how you can become a sponsor for the gifting program, please fill-out the sponsorship form and submit via email or mail.

  • My personal mission
    My personal mission

    My personal mission is to determine purpose in all of my endeavors, pursue passions that have been revealed to me, and demonstrate integrity in my life. The mission also consists of living a fulfilled life by taking advantage of new opportunities and continuously pursuing my quest for knowledge - by meeting new people, traveling to new places, and being receptive to new ideas. My ultimate goal is to place a hand in impacting and enhancing the lives of others. In all, I recognize that my personal mission cannot and will not be fulfilled without the grace of God; the source of my strength, my happiness, and my life.

  • Mindset & ABCs
    Mindset & ABCs

    Purchase your copy of Brian D. Barton’s books, Mindset: Awareness and Action and ABCs of a Strong Healthy Mindset. These books are sure to provide positive insight on developing and maintaining a healthy mentality.

  • Mindset: Awareness and Action Book Sponsorship and Gifting Program
    Mindset: Awareness and Action Book Sponsorship and Gifting Program

    Sponsor your local school or organization by giving the gift of Mindset: Awareness and Action. More details inside.

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