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Mindset: Awareness and Action
ABCs of Strong Healthy Mindset


  • Book Discussion- Mindset: Awareness and Action
  • Developing a Strong Healthy Mindset
  • Overcoming the Adversity in My Life and How You Can Do It Too
  • Greatness is in the Calling
  • The World is Your Stage
  • Motivation
  • Experience as a Baseball/Athlete
  • Goals are More Than Endpoints But Are Springboards
  • Why Education is Important
  • Goal Setting/Being Accountable


ABCs of a Strong Healthy Mindset Workshop


Construction Career Center Charter High School – St. Louis, MO Theme: “My Life and Overcoming Fears”

James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center – Leonardtown, MD Theme: “Overcoming Adversity in My Life”

G.I.R.L Inc. Back to School Picnic in the Park – Fairfax, VA Theme: “Your Brand”

Skills USA Fall Leadership Conference – Ocean City, MD Theme: “Goal Setting”

Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholar Leadership Conference – Los Angeles, CA Theme: “Enduring”

E.L.I.T.E Leader Conference (Eagles Landings Middle School) – McDonough, GA Theme: “The World is Your Stage”

Brown Mackie College – Atlanta, GA Theme: “The World is Your Stage”

Milton Hershey School – Hershey, PA Theme: “Vision”

Gates Millennium Male Initiative – Pasadena, CA Guest Panelist

Park Hill Elementary School – Lexington Park, MD Guest Speaker: Q &

George Washington Carver Elementary School – Lexington Park, MD Children’s Book Read


South Cobb Toastmaster Member – Competent Communicator
Boys and Girls Club – Oratorical Coach


“[Brian Barton’s] speech and presentation was incredibly open and honest, and practically every student was attentive and engaged throughout his speech. He shared both the successes and the challenges in his life and it was made explicitly clear that if he can overcome all of these challenges, then there is no excuse for everyone in the audience to do the same. He presented very interesting pictures cialis from his trips around the world. He discussed and opened up possibilities that our students never considered. Many of our students have never traveled outside of their neighborhoods and to see and hear someone who travels the world and who shared those experiences through pictures and words was truly captivating.

Not only were students enthralled and impressed with Mr. Barton, but the staff was impressed with the quality of Mr. Barton’s life and fully agreed that he was a wonderful speaker and role model for our students. Our students and staff were so inspired and moved by Mr. Barton’s speech, that they are hoping that we can invite him back again to see and hear about the next chapter(s) in his amazing and impressive young life.

I strongly recommend and encourage any institution interested in motivating and inspiring a student body, staff, or other group of employees, to consider enlisting the services of Mr. Brian Barton. As an educator, this young man is exactly who I want my students to emulate.”

-Theo L. Cramer
Executive Director of College and Career
Readiness and the Forrest Center

  • My personal mission
    My personal mission

    My personal mission is to determine purpose in all of my endeavors, pursue passions that have been revealed to me, and demonstrate integrity in my life. The mission also consists of living a fulfilled life by taking advantage of new opportunities and continuously pursuing my quest for knowledge - by meeting new people, traveling to new places, and being receptive to new ideas. My ultimate goal is to place a hand in impacting and enhancing the lives of others. In all, I recognize that my personal mission cannot and will not be fulfilled without the grace of God; the source of my strength, my happiness, and my life.

  • Mindset & ABCs
    Mindset & ABCs

    Purchase your copy of Brian D. Barton’s books, Mindset: Awareness and Action and ABCs of a Strong Healthy Mindset. These books are sure to provide positive insight on developing and maintaining a healthy mentality.

  • Mindset: Awareness and Action Book Sponsorship and Gifting Program
    Mindset: Awareness and Action Book Sponsorship and Gifting Program

    Sponsor your local school or organization by giving the gift of Mindset: Awareness and Action. More details inside.

"Leave a trail of great, so others can find the way to greatness"         " You can't be everything to everyone, but you can be everything to yourself!"         "By opening your eyes, you will open your mind, by opening your mind you will open your heart"


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